Building Permits & Inspection


Please see the District's Bylaw Enforcement Priorities During COVID-19 operational policy for information for contractors regarding the District’s monitoring of Provincial Health Orders and recommendations for construction sites. 

Building Permits

Building Permit application forms and detailed application requirements are available at the District office.

When applying for a Building Permit, the Building Official will require the following:

  • House plans, including site plan, floor plan, cross section building plan, and elevations.
  • Current copy of the Land Title.

Construction shall begin within six months from the date of issuance and the work will not be discontinued or suspended for a period of more than six months.

Building Permit Application & Fees

Building Permit Application Form

Building Permit Guide and Checklist

The Building Official uses residential cost estimating software to gauge the value of new construction. The estimates are used to calculate the cost of the building permit. In mid 2008 the District started using software provided by Marshall & Swift for this purpose. The database of costs is updated quarterly and adjusted for local conditions. The result is an accurate and timely estimate of construction costs for housing projects.

Building Bylaw

The current Building Bylaw is Building Bylaw No. 1165, 2014

Owners Authorization Form

If you are the owner of a property and would like to authorize someone to act on your behalf on all matters pertaining to a permit application you are required to fill out the following form.

Owners Authorisation Form

Building Applications

The District is committed to continuing to provide building inspection services during the Covid-19 public health emergency so long as we are able to ensure the safety of our workers and the public.

Completed building permit applications, plans, and documents can be submitted in person during our office hours. Be sure to include a cheque for the processing fee along with your application. Alternatively, applications can be  placed in the dropbox at 200 Main St. Ucluelet BC, V0R 3A0. Large plans and drawings should be submitted in person.

Please note that only complete submissions will be processed. Follow the Building Permit Checklist to ensure you have a complete submission. If information is missing, staff will contact you by phone or email.  

Once your application has been processed you will receive instructions by email regarding fee payment and receiving your permit documents. For more information please contact the Building Inspector at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by calling 250-726-6349.

Building Inspections

Building Inspections for Building Permit holders are conducted on Mondays and Thursdays, and can only be requested by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Your email must indicate your Building Permit number and the type of inspection you are requesting, and give at least 48 hours notice. Requests by text message will not be scheduled.

The District of Ucluelet strives to accommodate all inspection requests and specific days or times may be requested, but cannot always be accommodated due to the large volume and nature of building inspections. Once a date for your inspection has been confirmed by the Building Inspector, please ensure the premises is readily accessible between the hours of 9am until 4:30pm on that date. If someone cannot be present to admit the Inspector, arrangements must be made to permit entry (doors unlocked, hidden keys, entry codes, etc.)

Construction must be uncovered and readily visible, required documentation must be onsite or previously emailed, and plumbing tests must be on for at least 15 minutes prior to the inspector’s arrival.